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The Master's Degree Course offers ample opportunities for study abroad mainly through the Erasmus + program which includes about 30 foreign universities located in the countries of the European Community and the Swiss Mobility Program. The sectors that can be developed at the partner universities embrace all the specific areas of the Master's Degree Course. The definition of the study program (learning agreement) takes place in collaboration with the Erasmus manager of the study course, both with regards to the choice of exams and the organization of the internship at the partner university. Before completing the learning agreement, the student must obtain formal approval, from professors holding equivalent or similar courses at the University of Milan, of the exams to be taken at the host university. To carry out an experimental activity abroad, which can constitute part or all of the internship activity, a letter of consent is required from a professor of the partner university and the formal approval of the objectives, of the program and the period of the internship by a professor of the course of study who acts as a supervisor. The grade and the associated credits obtained in the partner universities are recognized almost in their entirety, thus giving the students the certainty that what work carried out at the host university is then positively evaluated in their study curriculum. There are also other opportunities for cultural exchanges with universities that have established agreements with our university but which are not part of the Erasmus system. These belong to non-community areas such as China, Japan, and Latin America. Thus, through the constant interaction in European and international working groups, as part of the degree course in "Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas", students will have the opportunity to activate Erasmus exchanges and internships at research and universities both in the Alpine Region and in an international non-European context.
The participation of the UNIMONT pole in the principle networks of institutes and research centres active on interdisciplinary issues relating to the enhancement and sustainable development of mountain areas and their specifics (, facilitates the interaction between students and the specific international "ecosystem" of innovation for mountain areas, increasing opportunities to gain specific experiences abroad at these institutions.

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