About the programme

The Master's Degree Programme in Valorization and sustainable development of mountain areas, taught in English, aims to form professionals who are capable of promoting the enhancement, development and sustainable management of mountain territories, by applying innovative approaches and a systemic vision. Multidisciplinary training will integrate environmental and agro-forestry knowledge with proficiency in the economic, legal, historical-geographical and communication skills necessary to clearly delineate the specifics of mountain territories.

The graduate will be able to promote the creation of products and/or services of economic and social value beginning from the specific environmental, natural and agro-forestry resources of the mountains, following the principles of sustainability and in relation to local and global processes operating at the level of environmental (e.g., climate change) and socio-economic factors (depopulation, competitiveness and new models of development, etc.) and related national, European and international intervention policies.


Students and professors of the Master's Degree in "Valorization and Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas" (MOUNTAINSIDE) tell their experiences in Edolo.


A short film to present the UNIMONT pole of the University of Milan, which has been active for 25 years in Edolo - a mountain municipality in the central Alps. It is an innovative training and research centre exclusively dedicated to the development of mountain areas through teaching, research and third mission activities.

My life UP

A film to encourage young people (and the not so young), to stay, to return, or to come to the mountains, to study, to work, to make business, …. to really live there.